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Rubber Expansion Joints Rubber Flexible Joints

 Molding process for large-diameter
rubber expansion joints

Traditional Molding Technology
Since commencement of manufacturing in 1951, our rubber expansion joints have been used in various domestic and international industries, and have received high acclaim. Our traditional technology cultivated through extensive manufacturing history has been passed down from skilled workmen through generations, and craftsmen currently continue to follow those teachings. Manufacturing of large-diameter rubber expansion joints is our specialty. We are acknowledged as being the top domestic manufacturer of large-diameter rubber expansion joints having produced the φ4, 000 mm diameter in 1976, the φ4, 200 mm diameter in 1983, and the φ4, 400 mm diameter in 2003.

Belt-type Rubber Expansion Joints

加硫プレスで金型による送り加硫Various belt-type rubber
expansion joints

Our traditional feed-type vulcanization technology
Belt-type rubber expansion joints are the result of rubber, cloth material, and rope vulcanized using feed-type technology. This feed-type vulcanization is a traditional technology built up through our long history of molded rubber production. For products that are over 30 meters in length, portions are repeatedly fed and vulcanized after preliminary molding .


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