Large-scale Vulcanizing Machinery(Vulcanizer)

Large-scale Vulcanizing Machinery

Manufacturing of rubber products requires the heat processing of crude rubber. This process is called vulcanization. Vulcanization of large-scale rubber products requires vulcanizing machinery (vulcanizers) that can store them. We possess one of the largest class vulcanizing machinery in Japan (φ5,200mm diameter, 15,000 mmL) allowing us to manufacture rubber products, which include large diameter rubber expansion joints, condenser water box covers, and large tanks.


Type Adamson Hydraulic Automatic Garage-Door Type
Dimensions φ5,200 mm × 15,000 mmL
Dolly Dimensions 2,200 mmW × 4,000 mmL (Weighting 50 tons × 3 Units)
Maximum Pressure 0.49 MPa
Internal Volume 306.7m3

Size outline of products going into the vulcanizer

Structure Size
〇-Type φ4,400 mm × 13,000 mmL
□-Type 3,500 mm × 3,500 mm × 13,000 mmL

※Dimensions may vary depending on the accessories of each individual product.

Image of products inside the vulcanizer

  • Vulcanization of rubber expansion joint productInner diameterφ4,200 mm
    Vulcanization of rubber expansion joint product


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