Quality Management Structure

We make use of the requirements for nuclear power plants
in our products to ensure highest quality.

We have many instances of supplying rubber expansion joints and rubber lining for circulating water pipes used in nuclear power plants. In addition, we have gained the trust of our clients by clarifying “the quality that we ensure”. Meeting these demanding specifications, our management system is utilized in other products that we offer, which are not limited to nuclear power plants or defense, where rubber lining is used. We also follow ISO 9001 procedures while continuously making improvements to quality, and offer products of stable quality.

Quality Policy

In order to contribute to society by continually providing products with high client satisfaction ratings, we conduct the following:

  • Holding quality first, all employees are involved in promoting quality activity.
  • We engage in manufacturing by utilizing the technology we have accumulated.
  • We spiral the effectiveness of our quality managements system.
  • We comply with laws, social norms, and ethics.

A rich quality system based on ISO 9001 (2015)

Upon acquiring ISO9001 (2015) authentication, not only did we do so to obtain it, but we also fundamentally reviewed and restructured our quality system. This has allowed us to realize a fulfilling manufacturing system by utilizing, through ISO 9001 procedures, technological skill that we have cultivated over the years

Pressure-resistance Apparatus for Large-scale Equipment/
Machinery and Multi-functional Inspection Apparatus

We test our products using pressure-resistance inspection apparatuses that correspond to large diameter expansion joints. Coupled with our rich quality assurance system, we strive to continuously provide products of quality in response to the trust we have gained.

  • Large-diameter Pressure-resistance Inspection ApparatusLarge-diameter Pressure-resistance Inspection Apparatus
    Maximum Inner Diameter
    φ4,400 mm
  • Multi-functional Pressure-resistance Inspection ApparatusMulti-functional
    Inspection Apparatus
  • Inspection of Large-scale ProductsInspection of

Special Process Control System

As the vulcanization process (the heat treatment of rubber) is controlled as a special process, we control the steam that is sent to the extra-large vulcanizer with our own system in order to adjust temperature. The extra-large vulcanizer is φ5,200 mm × 15,000 mmL in size and is the largest class of its kind in Japan. By vulcanizing in a large-capacity vulcanizer, large and heavy products can be vulcanized at stable temperatures, achieving maximum performance of various types of rubber.

We provide reliable products and technology in the tradition of human resource development and skill

At Kyokuto Rubber Co. Ltd., we actively partake in the traditions of human resource development and skill, and constantly strive to utilize the know-how we have cultivated in our products to satisfy our clients. We provide reliability in our products by ensuring quality and technical capabilities.

  • Multi-point Recorder Paperless Temperature/Pressure RecorderMulti-point Recorder
    Paperless Temperature/Pressure Recorder
  • Extra-large Vulcanizer Control Device Temperature Controller and Temperature Recorder Pressure Regulator and Pressure RecorderExtra-large Vulcanizer Control Device
    Temperature Controller and Temperature Recorder
    Pressure Regulator and Pressure Recorder


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