Compound Design

Rubber is a polymer with its largest feature being “elasticity”. Using this rubber elasticity to its fullest extent, we undertake compound design by combining hundreds of compounding agents to draw performance requirements. It is said that all rubber manufacturers have their own know-how regarding compound design, and thus, the same rubber does not exist. At Kyokuto Rubber, we utilize our years of data collection to perform a unique compound design which meets specifications. Physical performance and durability are repeatedly tested, and adjustments are made over and over to meet performance requirements. Demonstration tests are then performed to confirm performance, leading to completion.

The Flow of Compound Design

The Flow of Compound Design

Testing Equipment

  • Mooney Scorch Tester (Left)・Curelastometer (Right)Mooney Scorch Tester (Left)
    Curelastometer (Right)
  • Gear Oven Aging TesterGear Oven Aging Tester


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