Eccentric Type (Developed by Kyokuto Rubber) / Rubber Expansion Joints

When the operations in a plant commence, a misalignment (eccentricity) caused by temperature changes in the piping may occur in the piping at upper-stream and lower-stream portions of rubber expansion joints. The eccentric type rubber expansion joint is designed and manufactured to correspond to misalignment (eccentricity) of this kind by misaligning the expansion joint itself. It is mainly used as a replacement of rubber expansion joints.

Eccentric-Type Cross-Section

  • Since the expansion joint itself is misaligned, the product can be adjusted accordingly to misalignment (eccentricity) of piping. This allows for easier alignment with the bolt holes of the opposing flange resulting in easier installation.
  • As the standard type is the structural basis, it possesses all of the standard type features.


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