Control Unit Integrated Type (Developed by Kyokuto Rubber) / Rubber Expansion Joints


In plant piping, a thrust may occur due to reasons such as internal pressure, which tries to move the piping. This thrust serves as a force that tries to extend the expansion joint; therefore, a device (control unit) may be installed on the rubber expansion joint to prevent excess extension. At Kyokuto Rubber, we install a control unit usually referred to as a “Back-plate Type”. A recent trend in plant piping, however, has been to utilize FRP piping. If a back-plate-type control unit is installed on the FRP flange of the FRP piping, it can cause the FRP flange to crush when considerable thrust occurs. The integrated type is a rubber expansion joint designed and manufactured to be safely used even when the piping used in a plant is FRP piping. The control unit integrated type does not allow thrust to occur in the way that a back-plate type control unit may, therefore preventing the FRP flange from crushing.

  • Thrust does not occur against the opposing flange because of the control unit, thus preventing the flange from being destroyed.
  • It is installable on equipment, such as valves and pumps, where the plate for a control unit to cannot be installed on.
  • As it can be mounted after being connected to the opposing piping, the control unit can be mounted easily compared with the control unit on the back plate side.


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