FE-Eco Joint Ω (Developed by our company) / Rubber Expansion Joints

The FE-Eco Joint Ω is a new patented expansion joint developed as a resource-saving measure. We believe that it can contribute to the worldwide trend of environmental awareness by reducing the burden on the environment through waste reduction, large transport cost reduction, and recycling of resources. The FE-Eco Joint Ω comes in two types: the split-type which allows for the splitting of the retaining ring for installation and detachment; and the solid-type which remains as a whole as is the case for conventional types.

  • Split Type OverviewSplit Type Overview
  • Solid TypeSolid Type
  • Deformation (Split Type)Deformation (Split Type)
  • Flexibility (Split Type)Flexibility (Split Type)
  • As metal is not used on the inside of the rubber, and the rubber portion and metal are not vulcanized together, separating the rubber portion and metal when discarding is easy. (Common feature of both the split type and solid type)
  • As metal such as reinforcement rings are not used inside of the rubber body, it has a flexible structure allowing for easy loading and unloading in narrow areas.
  • After separation from the rubber portion when discarding, the retaining ring is reusable. (Common feature of both the split type and solid type)


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