Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints are found on the piping in facilities, such as power plants, and consist of reinforcement material (metal and fiber), which can withstand internal and negative pressure, and rubber, which protects such material from internal fluids, oxygen, and external elements such as sunlight. Although they may be small when considering the size of plants, they play an important role in protecting equipment virtually as the “unsung hero”.

Installation purposes and usage of rubber expansion joints are as follows. We also offer various accessories according to usage.

Installation Purposes

  • (1)Monitoring thermal expansion and contraction of piping
  • (2)Absorption of vibration generated from equipment
  • (3)Monitoring displacement caused by earthquakes
  • (4)Removal and mounting of peripheral apparatuses
  • (5)Monitoring displacement caused by land subsidence


  • (1)Power plant piping (e.g. circulation water piping in nuclear and thermal power plants)
  • (2)Piping for various plants (e.g. piping for chemicals, water supply and drainage)
  • (3)Waterworks and sewerage piping (e.g. water and sewerage piping, filtration piping)
  • (4)Construction equipment piping (e.g. drinking water, cooling water)
  • (5)Pollution control equipment piping (e.g. Flue gas desulfurization apparatuses)
  • (6)Shipboard piping (e.g. cooling water, circulation water)

Types of Accessories and Installation Purposes

Accessory Installation Purposes
Control Unit (Anti-thrust Bolt) To restrict axial thrust movement of piping
Usage within the expansion and contraction of settings
To fix the structure after installation in the same way as piping
Interplanar Adjustment Bolts
(to be removed after installation)
Retention of inteplanar distance during installation
Fine-tuning of inteplanar distance during installation and detachment
Cover Protection from direct sunlight
Protection from exterior damage
Scatter prevention of internal fluid

Example of Control Unit Attachment

Example of Inteplanar Adjustment Bolt Attachment

Example of Cover Attachment


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