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Corporate Philosophy

To respond to the diverse needs of society by providing products that are of high-value and are trusted by our clients.

To contribute to society by developing and producing products in response to the needs of society, and to provide products that are of high-value to our clients, products that can gain trust from our clients

Features of Kyokuto Rubber

Providing products to nuclear power plants and other large-scale facilities

We provide rubber joint expansions, rubber lining (products), and rubber molded products to a variety of industries including mainly large-scale plants such as nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, LNG production facilities, and chemical plant facilities.

Made-to-order Production, Individual Design

Made-to-order is the basis of our production.
We design rubber expansion joints and rubber flexible joints individually conforming to your specifications.
We select the best rubber material conforming to your specifications for rubber lining products.
Molded rubber products range from prototype production to mold design.

Compound Design

With our technology, which has been accumulated through extensive experience, as a basis, we will proportion new rubber material conforming to your specifications. Various conditions are set followed by repeating demonstration experiments and compound adjustments, leading to completion.

Trusted Technology

Our rubber expansion joints ranging from small-diameter (φ25 mm) to large-diameter (φ4400 mm) are manufactured by skilled workmen. This has led to the development of our original rubber expansion joints that accommodate client needs in which we utilize manufacturing technology and skill cultivated through years of experience. We have gained the trust of all of our clients, which include thermal and nuclear power plants. Our rubber lining products possess a large amount of independently developed rubber material, and are widely used in the industrial world including power plant and chemical plant facilities and In on-site maintenance construction outside of plant construction, we use original technology and skill, trusted by our many clients/customers.

Trusted Quality

Acquiring ISO9001-2015 authentication, we follow its procedures and continuously work to improve our quality management system. Furthermore, we have earned the trust of our clients by operating a quality management system that meets the advanced quality standards of nuclear power plants.

Our many years of experience

Our production of rubber expansion joints started in 1951, and in 1956, we commenced supplying to domestic thermal power plants. This was followed by supplying to nuclear power plants in 1968. Since then, we have provided rubber expansion joints to a large number of domestic and international power plants, which has resulted in our receiving high acclaim. We have accounted for a large share in the field of large-scale rubber expansion joints installed in domestic nuclear and thermal power plants. Manufacturing of rubber lining products commenced in 1934, and we have received high acclaim as the result of supplying to various industrial fields, which includes power and chemical plants. In 1970, we installed the largest class vulcanizer φ5,200 mm × 15,000 mmL domestically found which has allowed for the production of large-scale lining products.


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